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Local 2863 History

Brownwood Local 2863 was established in May of 1981. Edward Leroy Simpson (retired) was elected the first president of local 2863 along with Cisto Dominguez-Sec/Tres, and Henry Dillard- V/P.

Firefighters in Brownwood were making about $4.60/hr for wages, which was just about minimum wage, risking their lives for a little of nothing. A campaign was started for a referendum election for the firefighters when city officials refused to increase wages.

Firefighters Win Pay Raise!
was the headline in August of 1984, a 15% increase was celebrated.

Brownwood Professional Firefighters Local 2863 is a member of the IAFF-AFL-CIO and is one big family with over 245,000 members in the US and Canada. BPFFA is not now and will never be a striking union. BPFFA, TSAFF and the IAFF have fought long and hard for the rights and safety of firefighters through legislation and education and will continue to do so in the future.

Through the years Brownwood Professional Firefighters Local 2863 and the fire department in general have been committed to helping others in and around the community. Whether it be money raised for the sick, MDA or sponsoring a ball team Brownwood Local 2863 has always gone above and beyond what was asked of us.

Firefighter lives are lost almost everyday. Brave men and women doing a job they love. When this loss occurs it is felt by everyone. Remember, Fire, Police and EMS are the Homeland Defenders. First on scene and last to leave, so support your local Emergency Services, to us it does not matter who you are.



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